Sony: Ghostbusters game delayed til 2009, not canceled

We've been excited about the Ghostbusters video game ever since we first caught wind of it, mainly because of its highly original premise and the involvement of the movies' cast members. I was personally impressed by what I got to see of the game when I attended Sierra's press day a couple of months ago, particularly with the new physics engine developed for it by Terminal Reality, as well the fact that it continued and built upon the mythology established by the film series. Even though a couple of actors weren't reprising their roles in the game, it was encouraging to see how many of them were throwing their support behind it. Needless to say, it felt like a punch to the gut when it was recently revealed that Activision/Blizzard wouldn't be picking up the title after the merger between Activision and Vivendi. HangZhou Night Net

While Sierra reps were quick to assure inquiring minds that the game was definitely not canceled, rumors have still been rife throughout the internet claiming that it will be; this doesn't seem right, given how much promotion the game has already received. Variety's Ben Fritz, tired of hearing all the half-truths, got in touch with Sony Pictures (who still holds the rights to Ghostbusters) and managed to get some answers on just what's going to happen to the game. Aside from the generic info that Sony is working with Activision/Blizzard to find a new publisher, a representative told Fritz, "[the situation] has presented [Sony Pictures Consumer Products] with an opportunity to reevaluate the game release marketing strategy to potentially coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original film in '09."

Exactly when the film's 25th anniversary will be celebrated has yet to be revealed; the movie was originally released to theaters in June of 1984, so if the game comes out around the same time, Terminal Reality is actually getting a fair amount of time to polish the game and work out any bugs that might still exist.