Lord British wants to launch your DNA into space

Tabula Rasa has had some cool promotions. Not only did NCsoft send a number of lucky people on a Zero G flight, but now Richard Garriott is willing to digitize a select number of gamers' DNA and place it in a time capsule (dubbed the "Immortality Drive") that will be stored on the International Space Station when Lord British visits it in October. HangZhou Night Net

This project, dubbed "Operation Immortality," is Garriott's way of "saving" the human race by creating an archive of humanity's greatest moments, as well as giving gamers the opportunity to become a part of history… so long as they play Tabula Rasa. Players who register for the contest will be eligible to have their DNA sequenced and digitized, the theory being that if something awful happens to the human race, this archived genetic code could be used to help resurrect humankind. Anyone can go onto Operation Immortality's website and vote on what humanity's greatest moments are, and anyone with an active Tabula Rasa account will have their characters placed on the Immortality Drive, too. "This is your chance to leave your mark," said Garriott. "While everyone can participate in the polls… Tabula Rasa players will be the only gamers in the universe who can say that a piece of them is in space, since we're sending their in-game alter-egos, and for some, their DNA, to space with me."

Creating a "save game" for humanity is certainly a novel way of promoting the game, and it's definitely a neat way to involve people from around the world in creating a time capsule. The idea of voting on humanity's greatest achievements is definitely a nice touch, too, but I'm not entirely sure that aliens who find the capsule in a few thousand years are really going to be concerned about what our favorite movies and TV shows were….