Friday afternoon Apple links, August 1 edition

Did you miss us? We know it has been a few weeks since you've seen a Friday Apple links post, which I blame squarely on my incredible lack of sleep lately. Regardless, it's not going away; we just need to do a little bit of catch-up. Here are a few links we collected throughout the week. HangZhou Night Net

People have been buzzing about Steve Jobs' call to the New York Times to call a reporter a slime bucket. Now, you too can be just like Steve Jobs when you use Geek Culture's Steve Jobs Opening Line Generator. Here's mine: "You think I'm an imperialist dictator who thinks [s]he's hot shit, and I think you're a feeble-minded douchebag who is still living in his parents' basement." With love, of course.

There are some people on earth who still use QuickMail. No, it's true. Unfortunately for those people, Outspring has decided to axe QuickMail after 20 years of joy. TUAW's Mike Rose has a tribute to QuickMail, where he discusses his past experiences and mentions that support for the product has ended. Outspring hopes that users will fork over $39 to upgrade to Outspring Mail instead.Canadian iPhone carrier Rogers has committed to buying at least $150 million worth of iPhones, Electronista discovered while listening in on the company's quarterly results conference call. Dem's a lot of iPhones.You know how iTunes in the US offers weekly 99 cent movie rental specials? Macworld UK noted this week that iTunes UK has begun offering the same thing. For just 99 pence, UK users can download the movie of Apple's choice, which is Ronin for this week.This isn't exactly new news, but LifeHacker has some tips and tricks on how to transfer your Visual Voicemail audio files from your iPhone to your computer. The process requires you to jailbreak your phone, but once that's done, there are only a few more steps before you're posting your aunt's annoying voicemail on your web server for the entire world to hear.Mac game developer Feral Interactive has introduced a new game this week that should awaken the pirate in all of us: Sid Meier's Pirates! I hear there's sailing, "booty plundering," ship capturing, and mystery solving involved. Yarrrr!If you're a fan of classic Nickelodeon shows, like Hey Dude!, Doug, and Rugrats, you might be excited to know that a few seasons of these oldies-but-goodies have shown up on the iTunes Store. Our friends at Giz detail exactly how many episodes and seasons are up, but if you're a hardcore fan, you've already skipped this link and gone straight to the iTunes Store.

That's all for this week, folks. Have a fun weekend, and try not to panic, but it's already August. Enjoy the rest of your summer while it lasts.